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Keylogger Software is completely a hidden tool that monitors entire keyboard activities performed by external user on the computer system in your absence. Software records all typed keystrokes including typed email ID’s (Yahoomail, Gmail, Hotmail), passwords, online chat conversations (AOL, GTalk, MSN), and visited websites, instant messages or other typed document list. Software aware you with the secret internet usage and various PC activities of your spouse, children at Home or Company employees during office hours while you are away.

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Computer monitoring program secretly keep tracks of all typed keystrokes and prepares the log files of all the recorded data in encrypted log files with option to mail log at specified E-mail ID. Software is invisible to current PC user and undetectable in Start Menu, Installation files or in Add/Remove program lists. The utility helps in easy monitoring of entire online/offline working of not only employees in Office but also of children at Home.

Advantage of using Keylogger:

  • Software helps in monitoring the entire keyboard activities and records all typed keystrokes, Email send or received, Online chat details, typed Logins/Passwords, Web pages browsed and various PC activities.
  • Prepare encrypted log files of all the recorded PC activities with option to mail log details at user specified email ID.
  • Keep monitoring all the employees working on office computers and helps in controlling the restricted activities of staffs like visiting online shopping sites, social network sites or doing online chatting.
  • Help parents in preventing their children and kids to misuse the internet and controlling restricted PC activities.
  • Runs in background and remains invisible in Program files, Add/Remove program list and Start menu, thus the user have no knowledge of software processing.
  • Software is password protected restricting unauthorized people to change the program settings.
  • Fully professional with user-friendly graphical interface and no special skills required to work on the software.

Available at $45